Hello there! You may not know me, but you probably know or have seen my work. I have created many a movie poster for motion pictures, TV, games and more. In fact you probably own many of them via your CD’s/DVD/Blu-Ray’s or possibly hanging on your wall. I have created visual effects on just as many movies, the first being Event Horizon way back in 1997. My company Mass Illusion works with many of the Visual Effects houses and studios, and we are the unsung heroes who never take any credit for the work that we create. We are selfless.  Over the years I have learned so much and I’m proud of myself for what I have achieved, but growing up wasn’t easy…

My teachers at school told me that I would amount to nothing, I left school with no qualifications (except a full pass on Math, even though I never sat the exam). So with the very hurtful words of my teachers still ringing in my ears and struggling with severe dyslexia, I decided to do something about it! My father is a very well known Graphic Artist who was responsible for many 80’s T.V ads and general advertising that everyone saw on a daily basis. He also introduced the game of Pool to the UK through a company called AFM in Blackburn. He later his own company (Interplay) that designed and created Fruit (slot) Machines and Arcade Games. Growing up was great because we had a double garage connected to the house, that was actually never used for the car, but we had many various arcade machines and slots in there. My brother and I would get our friends to pay to play, making us pretty popular and well off (in kid status) as we coined up on our friends lunch and spending money. I learned a lot about design from my father, and I owe him so much and to this day, he is, and always will be, my hero.

Music wise, I could pick up any instrument and play a tune with it. I taught myself how to play a guitar and a piano from about 4 years old and as for Technology… According to my parents, I could wire a plug at 2 years old and I always carried a toy screwdriver with me wherever I went.

Back in my youth we had betamax VCR’s, Top Loader VHS’, Commodore 64’s and I found everything that was technical a breeze to understand. Now, here I was, a kid with no qualifications, severe Dyslexia finding my vocations. I think the term used to describe me best is that I wear many hats, meaning I am multi-skilled and the techie word for that is polymorphous. By the time I hit college and uni, there wasn’t much I could be taught, but I endured and I now have many degrees, diplomas and qualifications spanning about 10 different I.T, Music and Graphic Design/Media disciplines.  Not bad for a shy and awkward kid who was told he was thick.

 Later Life

I spent 10 Years living in Northern Ireland (Derry/Londonderry) before moving back to England in 2001. I have had the privilege to have worked for many high profile companies like Microsoft Corporation, Orange PCS (now known as EE), Dell, HP, The Irish Genealogical Project, Paramount Pictures, Mass Illusion, the YMCA, & the US and UK Governments, as well as working on top projects like ‘Vital Voices – Women in Democracy‘ headed by Hillary Clinton and the then U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.

I now create Titles and End Credits for film, design Movie Posters/DVD Covers and Merchandise for film as well as general Graphic Design, Book Cover/eBook Covers, Web Design and IT Consultancy. My friends also ask me to create Facebook Cover/Group/Page photos and headers as well as other social media graphics.

Assassin Movie

A personal project for a very big budget horror movie. This is still in the very early stage of development and we are looking for cast and crew, so if you fancy acting or working behind the scenes, we have a position for you. Check out the project page here: Assassin Movie Project Page and like our page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/assassinmovie. This project is now on hold for a good while.

IT Skills used on a Professional Level:

  • Microsoft Windows Support, Implementation and Deployment
  • Microsoft Office Support, Deployment and Implementation
  • Computer Forensics and Security
  • Forensic Investigation / Data Recovery / Document Redaction
  • Password Retrieval / Password Cracking
  • People Tracing / People Finding
  • Social Network Marketing / Usage (Twitter / Facebook / YouTUBE)
  • Web & Graphic Design (including print)
  • Web/Email Hosting & Support
  • eCommerce Development and Design / Payment Gateway
  • Domain Registration / Resolutions / Support
  • Information Security / Encryption / Data Protection / PCI-DSS
  • Server Support, implementation, deployment
  • Network Support, design and implementation
  • Network Security (Encryption / Group Policies)
  • Sharepoint (MOSS) deployment, design and support
  • Virtualisation (Parallels, VMWare, Hyper-V)
  • SEO & Internet Marketing / Sales / Internet Research (Any Subject) / Analytics
  • Creation of multimedia Training Solutions (Web/Flash/Print) / eLearning Applications / videos / Infographics
  • Media (Video Production, 3D design, Sound Recording)
  • Visual Effects (VFX) for Motion Picture / Advertisements / Promos / Trailers


Some Quallifications:

      • Adobe Certified Expert
      • Adobe Certified Trainer
      • Motion Picture Visual Effects Artist (MPVEA)
      • All Microsoft Software (Servers, Office, MOSS)
      • Microsoft Certified: MCSE+I, MCSA, MCT
      • Microsoft Certified Partner for Learning Solutions
      • Microsoft Office Specialist Master
      • CompTIA
      • CISSP
      • EnCase Certified Examiner (Digital Forensics)

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